The Nutcracker

The Story

a young girl's Christmas Eve & awakening to a wider world & romantic love

On a foggy Christmas Eve in 1915...

in the Stahlbaums’ sitting room, family and friends merrily trimmed the tree. Clara, Fritz, and their friends play with new Christmas toys and Mr. Stahlbaum invites the guests to dance. Drosselmeyer warmly greets the family and entertains everyone with magic. The children are delighted by a toy soldier and a beautiful pair of life-sized harlequin dolls.
Drosselmeyer then presents a magical nutcracker to Clara. Captivated, she dances with the magical doll. Fritz is envious. He mischievously pulls the nutcracker from his sister’s hands, breaking it. Drosselmeyer carefully bandages the doll and returns it to Clara, who plays with it gently. The grandparents begin their annual holiday dance and all join in.

As the hour grows late...

guests drift home and the Stahlbaums go upstairs to bed. Too excited to sleep, Clara returns to the darkened sitting room in search of her nutcracker doll. As the clock strikes midnight, she falls asleep on the sofa.

In her dreams...

Clara relives memories of the evening. As she awakens into her dream, her house begins to expand around her and the Christmas tree grows wondrously large over tiny Clara. Giant mice appear, frightening Clara. The nutcracker doll comes to life to defend her. He summons an army of toy soldiers and a fierce battle ensues.
Clara’s quick thinking helps the Nutcracker defeat her. The Nutcracker, now Prince, thanks Clara for saving him and together they embark on an enchanting journey through the Land of Snow. As snow falls, snowflakes begin to dance. The King and Queen of Snow send Clara and the Prince off to their next adventure in a beautiful sleigh.

In the land of sweets...

the Sugar Plum Fairy welcomes Clara and the Prince and asks them to tell her about the adventure that brought them to her world. Clare recounts the tale of war with the Mouse Empress. The Sugar Plum Fairy commands a festival filled with dancing to honor her guests. The celebration begins with Spanish flair, followed by an alluring Arabian genie, whirling performers from China, and flirtatious French dancers with fluttery ribbons. Russian dancers fly through the air with joy and verve. Dew Drop waltzes with her court of Flowers, dazzling Clara and the Prince. As the festivities draw to a close, the Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier dance for Clara and the Prince.

Clara awakens...

still smiling from her joyous dream. It is Christmas morning, and the nutcracker doll is safe in her arms.


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