The Story

A young girl finds out that dreams really can come true

Cinderella is working hard with a heavy heart and dreaming of a better life.

Her ill-tempered stepsisters bicker and fight while her domineering stepmother tries to keep the peace between them. Cinderella responds to their wishes and demands patiently. A beggar woman mysteriously arrives asking for alms. The stepsisters and stepmother want to send her away, but Cinderella gives her bread. The old woman recognizes her kindness and leaves quietly.

A messenger arrives with an invitation to the royal ball.

The household busily prepares as the milliner, dressmakers, dance teacher and violinists arrive. Cinderella asks to go to the ball but her cruel stepmother refuses.

Cinderella takes solace in her dreams...

Cinderella imagines she is dancing at the ball using her broom as a dance partner. The old woman reappears and reveals herself as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. She calls upon the fairies and sprites of the four seasons, who brings gifts to Cinderella to reward her for her kind heart and prepare her for the ball. Woodland friends and the Pumpkin Prince dance for Cinderella. The Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella’s rags into a gorgeous ball gown. Before Cinderella rushes off to the ball, she is warned by the Time Lord & Numerals that she must leave before the clock strikes midnight, as the spell will be broken.

The Prince’s ball is filled with beautiful dancers from across the kingdom as well as the King & Queen and Court Jesters. The Prince makes his entrance and the maidens vie for his attention, especially the stepsisters. Cinderella arrives and everyone marvels at her beauty wondering who the mysterious guest might be. The Prince is captivated by her as the court looks on with jealousy. The Prince & Cinderella declare their love for each other, and Cinderella forgets that the hour of midnight is approaching. Despite the Fairy Godmother’s warning, the clock strikes midnight as the Time Lord and the Numerals warn Cinderella. She rushes from the palace, leaving her slipper behind.

The morning after the ball...

The stepsisters continue to fight, but are shocked as the Prince and his entourage arrive searching for his true love, the one who fits the slipper. The stepsisters unsuccessfully attempt to force the slipper to fit. As Cinderella is pushed aside the other slipper accidentally falls from her apron. 

The Prince glides his slipper onto her foot and realizes that he has found his true love. As the two are reunited, there is a festive party to celebrate.


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