Sleeping Beauty

The Story

An Enchanting Tale of a Princess, a Curse, and True Love's Kiss

Once upon a time...

A beautiful princess was born. Her parents named her Aurora and invite all the fairies of the land to her christening, except the evil fairy Carabosse.

To everyone's horror...

Carabosse arrives at the ceremony anyway. Angry that she was not invited, Carabosse places an evil curse on baby Aurora: when she is sixteen years old, she will prick her finger and die

Fortunately, the good and wise Lilac Fairy is also at the christening. Although she cannot remove the curse completely, she is powerful enough to change it! She declares that when the princess pricks her finger, she will not die, but instead fall asleep for one hundred years. The Lilac Fairy adds that a handsome Prince can awaken Aurora with a kiss.

The years passed peacefully...

And on Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, the King and Queen throw Aurora a wonderful party. Princes travel from afar to join the celebration and each Prince at the party presents her with a rose in a dance called the Rose Adagio. Men and women of the court and villagers attend the celebration.

Delighted, Aurora shows her gratitude by dancing for the guests. But then, the powerful Carabosse stops time at the birthday party and her Minions entice Aurora to the palace tower. Mesmerized by Carabosse’s spinning wheel, Aurora touches the spindle and becomes dizzy as the Lilac Fairy’s spell begins to take effect, instead of Carabosse’s curse. Soon Aurora is in a deep sleep.

One hundred years later...

The handsome Prince Desire from a nearby kingdom is looking for game with his hunting party. While away from his party, he meets many friendly woodland creatures and curious characters.

As Prince Desire takes an afternoon nap...

The Lilac Fairy visits him in a dream. She shows him where his true love sleeps. As the Prince awakens, he is confronted by the evil Carabosse and her Minions. He must defeat them all to save Aurora.
Once Aurora is kissed by the prince, the spell is broken. The story concludes with a celebration of their royal wedding, after which they lived happily ever after.


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