Our Board

Meet Our Board

Creating positive impacts on the youth & the community

These exceptional individuals play a crucial role in leading the organization towards success. Their innovative ideas, strong financial management skills, and collaboration with the artistic director and staff ensure the smooth operation of the company. The board members’ expertise in various fields, coupled with their deep passion for helping young dancers and the community, is awe-inspiring. Their role as effective communicators and leaders is crucial in making well-informed decisions for the company.  

Advisory Board

Maria DeVos

Melissa Meldrum – Aaberg, M.D.

Marlene Kenneway
Mary Anne Rosely
Laura Berman

Board of Directors

Marlene Kenneway – Chairperson/Co-Founder

Brigitte Nelson – Co-Founder
Stephen Sanford – Artistic Director
Patricia Diaz-Lawton – President
Carrie Everhart – Vice President
Nicole Bergsma – Treasurer
Missie Endres – Secretary
Liz Henry
Caren Kerprich
Judy Sulka
Amy Feather
Carolyn Evans
Patricia Waring
Chelsea Austin
Cesar Gonzales
Mary Jo Kuhlman
Rachel Yenchar
Kevin Stauffer
Gregory Sanial
Carola Gulick
Harlee Scholten
Claire Pomeroy

Sophia Erbentraut – Student Representative